Top Bali Drone Photography and Drone Instagram

Top Bali Drone Photography and Drone Instagram

Top Bali Drone Photography and Drone Instagram. In a travel editorial, this article will guide you to the Top places for Instagram drone photography in Bali. Bali Island is a tourist destination where there are many tourist attractions to explore, Bali has grown exponentially. If you want to make your Bali photos and videos stand out using a drone. The beautiful landscape of Bali with drones makes unique abstract photos and is not restricted by a crowd of tourists.


Here are the photography drone venues in Bali. On this attraction, you can enter unique and creative shots. These five-shot objects are easily accessible to tourists, flight worthy drones and destinations are truly Instagramable.

Abstract Beaches on Pandawa and Jimbaran Beach

Shots taken on the Pandawa beach are not enough, you should have many shots. Bali has many beaches, Pandawa beach is very popular among tourists, there is a fairly wide stretch and not as dense as other beaches. Bring your drone and take Bali drone photography from the sky. With waves, coastlines and crowds of sunbathing wizards, creating a perfect beach abstract.

It’s better if you can take photos with an asymmetrical line of beach chairs and tables. Jimbaran Beach is a suitable destination for this. Jimbaran Beach is a place for seafood lovers. Many restaurants on the beach are ready to serve seafood lovers. Tables and chairs make abstract lines difficult to find this place where tables and chairs line up perfectly. This is a way to make money through Bali drone photos on Instagram.

Padang Beach about Sky, Sea, and Land

Your first Bali drone photography shot will definitely feature the beach and the sea. A great idea when I was on Padang Beach then tested the drone there. The first shot comes out beautifully and captures the perfect feeling of life. The photos that you will take there will show amazing views of Bali, there are blue skies, clear blue oceans, and white sand beaches. Feel peaceful and calm.

You can try taking photos with a drome camera, move your drone into the air to take a bigger picture of the sea surface. Beautiful canvas and symmetry from three different surfaces will be created. Very instagrammable and printable Bali drone photos to decorate your living room or workspace wall.

Ubud Rice Field

Rice fields in Ubud is one of the iconic destinations in Bali. Travel to Bali, make sure you spend a lot of time in Ubud. A day is not enough to explore the culture of this rural area. Exploring from Campuhan Ridge to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, taxi drivers can take you to the amazing rice fields. Take Bali drone photography on Tegalalang’s rice terrace.

When the weather supports you can fly a higher drone, the sun shines brightly, and a strong signal continuously. Such conditions are certainly very good at taking shots. The results of the shot will show a ridge with beautiful carvings complete with rice fields with charming green scenery. It makes photos more unique, beautiful and looks magnificent.

Uluwatu Sunset

Many tourists love Uluwatu because it is a favorite place in Bali and because the scenery is amazing. The position of Uluwatu faces the Indian Ocean. Making every place in Uluwatu has an amazing view that can be seen from Bali drone photography, about the clear sky and the vastness of the ocean being shot above.

And the best way to catch it at Uluwatu is at sunset. You can stay overnight to watch the sunset there. Sunset which creates an indigo canvas with golden hues. Words cannot reveal how miraculous that night was and photos of drones were not even able to silence the beauty of the landscape.

Fly a drone into the Indian Ocean, far into the sky. You can take this Bali drone photography anywhere in Uluwatu but for the best results is to fly a drone from a cliff. You can start shooting Bali Instagram drones there. Over there you will get an incredible view, gold sky, ocean and the cliff it nice to be drone Bali Instagram.

Cliff Picking

There is a difference between land and sea that is so captivating in shooting drone photography. Bali is also famous for cliffs in Uluwatu. The blue sea, the waves crashing against the cliffs and the ground peaked to the side. A chance to take photography if you live in a resort or just visit Uluwatu. This resort has an infinity pool. If you are afraid of heights and do not dare to approach the pond. Use a drone to take pictures on a cliff.

Hopefully, this Bali drone photography editorial will inspire you on your travel photography trip in Bali. You can try to start the journey with your drone to the destination like the above example, or the other places in Bali and get nice photography there. Good luck.

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